Switch Over To Leaf Teas To Get Maximum Benefits

Almost everyone across the globe isaware of the health benefits of tea as compared to coffee. Not that drinking coffee does not have any benefits, but drinking tea definitely,has an edge over the more popular coffee when it comes to health benefits. Now that people know that this beverage has a lot to offer as a healthy drinking option, they need more information about which is the best tea to drink.

If one is looking at it from the convenience pointof view then there is no better option than a handy tea bag. But, not many know that leaf tea has more advantages and should be the preferred option for more reasons than one.

Reasons why you should make the switch

1.Better Aroma

To make thatperfect cup of tea one needs to know more about the kind of tea being used. Leaf teas when brewed whole givesout an absolutely divine aroma which is so refreshing that you just can't wait to take that first sip. 

Better TasteThe flavor of a freshly brewed leaf tea is im=ncomparable. It is kind of flavor that is absolutely high quality as it containsall the natural nutrientsthat tea leaves have and are not oxidized due to too much of handling and improper packaging. Leaf teas have a better color, flavor and much stronger as compared to tea powder or tea dust.

Brew them twiceor more

The best part about using leaf teas is that you can use the same leaves to make your second cup of tea. Leaf teas depending on the quality can be brewed and steeped several times and each time you can enjoy different variations of the original flavorand taste. Most traditional leaf teas like green tea, oolong tea, white tea, Pu-Erh tea, and black tea can be steeped many times over. The same does not apply to herbal and flavoredteas and they tend to lose the original flavorafter the first brewing itself. To get the best flavors out of re-steeped tea leaves, they must be brewed again within a few hours and not kept for long.

Drink it as it is

Brewing the whole leaf is more flavorful and richer as the entire leaf is being used. The original tea flavorby itself has such a unique taste that one can have the brew straight away.

There is absolutely no need to add any complement like sugar, honey or even milk for that matter. In fact, adding any more additives might ruin the original flavorand may alsohinder their release.

One must learn to enjoy and relish the natural tea flavors without the need to add anything extra.

Quality of leaf teas is better

Leaf teas are generally available in larger packaging options and you can buy as much that your general requirement is. They are packaged with utmost care with extra precautions to keep the original flavorsintact. They are most vacuum sealed to avoid any kind of contact with air which might cause a reduction in the taste and aroma.

No added additives or preservatives

Good quality leaf teas whichever type of teat it may be are mostly dried and preserved using absolutely natural methods and techniques.


Leaf teais more economical For more savings, it is advisable to buy Loose Leaf Tea they are mostly sold in larger quantities. This results in lowering the packaging and transportation costs also to a large extent. So, order your choice of leaf teaanddrink up as you don't need an excuse to drink a flavorful cup of healthand goodness rolled into one.